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  • Will you call me when my piece/s are ready to be glazed?
    Nope! Please give us TWO weeks for your wet piece/s to be fired and ready for you to glaze, but no more than 3 months (they will become adopt-a-pots at that time). If you live far from us, we suggest calling or texting to make sure your pieces are out of the kiln before you head over.
  • I want to book a Sit 'n' Spin for more than 2 people but the website won't let me.
    Go to the Parties tab under Services and send us your request.
  • Are you open on days not listed?
    Nope. Please see hours of operation for current schedules.
  • Can I drop in to glaze, hand build, or use a wheel?
    Please go to our booking page and select the times you'll be there. It will reserve a spot for you. If you are unable to make it to your scheduled time, please let us know so we can open the spot back up for someone else.
  • How long will you keep my piece/s?
    We will keep bisque fired pieces waiting for glaze for THREE months. Works in progress (greenware) will be held for ONE month. Bags of clay will be held for TWO months-please put a new date on your bag when you come in to keep it current.
  • How do I book to glaze an Adopt a Pot?
    While Spun does not purchase mass produced bisque ware for 'paint it yourself' services, you can adopt a forgotten pot to glaze from our adoption shelves. Schedule your Studio Time - Glazing for when you want to come in, pick your piece and glaze away!
  • Is there instruction included with any Studio Time bookings?
    Nope. We will show you how to glaze, but wheel time and hand building/sculpting does not come with any instruction. If you would like to learn how to use the wheel or hand build, please look at the Workshops page for opportunities.
  • Do you rent space in the studio?
    Yes! We have 2 options for you. You can rent your own shelf (18"X2') and work at your own pace for $25 per month. We also have lockers for rent at $35 per month. Bring your own lock and keep your tools, clay, etc. safely stored. Come in to sign up for this service.
  • Do I need to schedule picking up or dropping off pottery?
    Nope! Just come see us during our posted open hours.
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