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get dirty, tacoma

A casual, inclusive, and supportive studio for beginner and advanced potters, or those that just want to get dirty.

About Spun


Since 2014, Spun has been providing a fun, creative, and affordable space for anyone that wants to work with clay. We are an all ages studio that caters to all levels of potters and hand builders/sculptors.
We believe that everyone should get an opportunity to try pottery without large financial investments.


Make something at home? No problem, we can fire it for you. Looking for an activity but don't have experience?
Take a Sit 'n' Spin class, join a Workshop, or Adopt a Pot to glaze.
Spun is a full service studio that
 provides classes, tools, clay, glaze, and firing services.

The community at Spun is here to encourage and support you on your artistic journey! 

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Picture of co-owner, April.

April Sanders

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Why did you two
open Spun?


"Our initial reason for opening Spun was selfish; we wanted to work for ourselves doing things that make us happy. It naturally morphed into filling a need of having an affordable, come-as-you-are, fun and safe place for folks to learn pottery. All ages, all skill levels, all makes and models of humans (and sometimes dogs) can benefit from art and we wanted to provide that. When we look back all these years later, it's nice to see we've stayed true to our mission."

Picture of co-owner, Jennifer.

jennifer english

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What's your favorite thing about Spun?

"I love that April and I have created the favorite 'high school art class' vibe...(without the censorship and drama) especially since we met in a high school art class almost 30 years ago. We love watching strangers become friends. Yeah, Spun is a supportive and encouraging space, but not just from April and I. It's from everyone that's in here. What does Olive Garden say? When you're here you're family? That."

A white, black, and yellow herb stripper with a small leaf pattern.

amy lansford

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This month's Spotlight is on Amy Lansford


Five years ago, I found SPUN because I was making pots in my dreams every night and wanted to make pots in reality. I am so glad I found a place so fun and supportive. I enjoy making functional pieces that, hopefully, bring a bit of joy to the everyday rituals in life.

Clients can fill out the submission form here


studio time

Reserve your time on the wheel or in the glazing and hand building areas. No instruction provided.

$12 per hour


Make one piece on the wheel with one-on-one help from an instructor.

$50 per person


Learn at your own pace by selecting a workshop to meet your needs.

Price varies


Got a group of 3+ and looking to do something creative and fun? 

Price varies

"What a fun and affordable hobby! These ladies help you thru the whole process!! I am definitely going back!!"

-Michelle M.

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