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*Please try to pick up all works in progress, clay, bisque ware and glaze ware by 4PM on March 25th.

First day at 2310 A St, Suite B is April 1st!
We're so excited to share our new space with you all!

Digital Gift Cards can be purchased here:


About Us

SPUN is owned and operated by local artists April Sanders (Lotus+Sprocket Ceramics) and Jennifer English (Dustybttms).

Created in a garage over cocktails, a pottery wheel, and a notepad. The idea for SPUN came together quickly because we were already living it; hanging out, inviting friends over, being creative and sharing with one another. Every other pottery class we've taken just …wasn't ‘us’. We wanted a place to belong, a place to get encouragement, but in an environment where we felt comfortable. We wanted to be surrounded by music and local artists in ripped jeans and band t-shirts...and beer.

For the beginner or advanced potter, or those who enjoy getting dirty. SPUN is here to provide a patient, inclusive, casual, and creative environment.
We look forward to meeting you!




Services and Classes We Offer

*Please note that if you are more than 15 minutes late, we consider it a no-show.
*We do not take walk-ins for classes or studio time. Please visit the booking page or contact us to schedule your appointment.


Studio Time (Pottery Wheels), Glazing and Sculpting Time (Front room tables): $12 per hour 

Click Here to book online!

  • For $12 per hour, plus the cost of clay (if you need some), you can use the studio as much as you like for glazing or creating new pieces!
  • No prerequisite required. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Works in Progress and bags of clay that are left untouched for 1 month will be reclaimed. We can make arrangements for you, just let us know ahead of time. 

Sit 'n' Spin class: $45 per person

Click Here to book online

  • Want to make ONE PIECE but don't want to take multiple classes? Come in for about 30 mins and we'll show you how to throw that bowl, stein, or whatever you want! 

  • We will then trim, dry, and fire the pieces made.

  • Once fired, you can come back at your convenience to glaze your pieces! (Usually about 2 weeks)

  • Price includes all materials, firings, and glazing.

  • No age limit, great option for kids.


Elbows-Deep Group Spin: $50 per person
(please call to book)

A 2-3 hour Pottery Party for 7 - 20 people! 

  • We provide all the clay and tools for each of you to create your masterpiece...everyone makes a piece on the wheel and sculpts/hand builds as many pieces as you like.

  • Wear old clothes and prepare to get dirty! (we do have aprons)

  • We will then dry and fire the pieces you made.

  • Once fired, you can come back at your convenience to glaze your pieces! (usually about 2 weeks)

  • Price includes all materials, firings, and glazing.


Clay: $18
  • 25lbs of White Stone

Adopt-A-Pot: $5 (plus fees)
  • Adopt a forgotten pot and glaze it to make it your own!

  • Glazing $12 per hour 

  • $1 - $3 to fire your glazed adoption

Get 'Ghosted':  $20

  • Take a pic behind the wheel and we'll Photoshop you in front of Patrick Swayze!

Firing of your pieces: 

  • We fire to a cone 05 bisque, and cone 5 glaze. Whether you made your piece at SPUN, at another studio, or at home, you may bring your pieces into SPUN to get fired!

  • You do not need to load the kiln, we do that for you.

  • If you have pieces that need to be fired to a temperature other than cone 05 or 5, you may purchase a full kiln load for the temperature you need.

  • We ask that you know what temperature your clay and glazes should be fired to, and whether your glazes will run. Please note that if your glazes run onto our kiln shelves and we're unable to repair them, we will charge you for the replacement cost. 

  • Our goal is to complete your firing by the following Saturday. However, sometimes this simply is not possible and we ask for your patience. 

Kiln Kard: $20

Want to pre-pay for firing time in 'Val KILNer'? You should think about a Kiln Kard.

NOTE that we charge per piece, or per the half kiln shelf. Smaller pieces that are stackable will count as one for the bisque fire. Extra large pieces (or lots of smalls) will be charged per half shelf @ $6, $12 for full shelf.

Studio Time Card: $60

  • When you purchase a Studio Time Card (5 hours for $60), you get a sixth hour for free!

  • Studio Time Cards are used for wheels, glazing, and sculpting time.

Full Kiln Load: $60

Did you make a bunch of stuff and need to fire it all at once? Or, do you need to fire your pieces to a different temperature than we normally fire to? Purchase a full kiln load in Val KILNer.

****Please note that we are not able to keep bisque pieces for longer than 3 months. Most pots are then moved to the 'adoption center' if not claimed.

***Works in Progress (not fired) for Studio Time folks will be reclaimed after 1 month. If you need more time, let us know and we will accommodate you.


Contact Us

Thanks! Message sent.

Tel: 253-347-3457

1307 Martin Luther King Jr Way Tacoma, WA 98405



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